Town of Century Florida
Image from Town of Century Florida

Representative Salzman Facilitates Town of Century Attaining Rural Designation from Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Representative Salzman is pleased to announce the designation of the Town of Century as a Rural Community. This year long project in partnership with Mayor Ben Boutwell, First Place Partners, Florida West and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity now makes the Town of Century eligible for waivers of matching requirements. The partnership of Secretary Dane Eagle, with this project and the awarding of millions of dollars for community centers in the town shows the
commitment to revitalization of the area.

This unprecedented designation for the Town of Century provides eligibility for waivers of match requirements for programs within the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. The Department in granting this recognizes that “because the Town has a prominent agricultural employment base with a population of 25,000 or less and has three or more factors of economic distress levels worse than the State, the Town does qualify as a rural community and is eligible for the Waiver or Reduction of Match Requirement.” This designation will remain in effect for two years and the Town of Century may reapply for the designation to be extended in 2024.

Representative Salzman thanks Secretary Eagle, his amazing staff, Florida West, and First Place Partners for all the amazing work they put into this year long project. Working on projects to benefit the more northern portions of District One is a priority for Representative Salzman. “I am so pleased we were able to bring together a great partnership of community efforts to accomplish this amazing designation for the Town of Century. This is collaboration in action.”