Climate Change and Mental Health: Strategies for Personal Wellbeing

Where: Pensacola Public Library, 239 N. Spring St.

When: Tuesday July 12—5:30 pm

Hurricanes, wildfires, drought and other impacts of climate change are fueling anxiety among many, especially young people. Join licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Paige Spencer as she discusses eco-anxiety and a variety of techniques for treating those who are anxious about environmental and climate issues.

A recent study of 10,000 young people found that nearly 60% are ‘very worried’ or ‘extremely worried’ about climate change (https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02582-8). Dr. Spencer believes in the interconnectedness of all beings and Mother Earth, and that taking care of our local community and planet are an integral part of our personal journey toward well-being and wholeness.

This presentation is part of a regular presentation series on climate change and clean energy sponsored by 350 Pensacola. Since 2010, 350 Pensacola has worked for climate education and action as the only climate-focused organization in northwest Florida. For more information: 350pensacola@gmail.com.

Required Libraries notice: “This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the West Florida Public Libraries or Escambia County.”

More about Dr. Paige Spencer

Dr. Paige Spencer, a licensed clinical psychologist, has practiced at Psychological Associates, PA for over 8 years. She obtained her Doctorate in Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology. Dr. Spencer graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology. Dr. Spencer has been an adjunct professor at Pensacola State College. She serves as a psychological consultant for the Escambia County Medical Society. Dr. Spencer has been a guest on several WSRE shows to raise awareness about mental health and services offered in the community.

Dr. Spencer has expertise in providing therapy services to a wide range of problems including PTSD, depression, anxiety, relational trauma, and difficult life transitions. Dr. Spencer is extremely passionate about working with young women. She uses a variety of approaches including mindfulness training, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and interpersonal therapy to tailor a creative treatment plan to the individual. Dr. Spencer’s purpose is to help women feel empowered to live their most authentic, whole-hearted lives. She believes that psychological wellness includes mind, body, and soul healing. Dr. Spencer lives her life from a place of being open heartedness. Part of open-hearted living includes becoming aware of the interconnectedness of all beings and Mother Earth. Dr. Spencer believes that taking care of our local community and planet are an integral part in the individual journey toward well-being and wholeness.

For additional information and alternative perspectives on  fighting climate anxiety in kids by involving them in building (small) renewable energy solar systems, click HERE.
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