Robot used in plastic sorting area at ECUA Materials Recycling Facility
Robot used in plastic sorting area at ECUA Materials Recycling Facility

ECUA projects to resume recycling in first half of October

Update from Emerald Coast Utilities Authority: ECUA is making excellent progress with repairs and is getting close to resuming operations at the ECUA Materials Recycling Facility. The electrical contractor has completed their work and the demolition of the fire-damaged cabins is underway and completed. ECUA has received the replacement robot (used in the plastic sorting area), and installation should be completed by the end of this week. ECUA is still awaiting delivery of the magnet used in the metal sorting area, which is on backorder and expected to be delivered in December. ECUA will sort metal items manually until this equipment is delivered and installed.

ECUA’s projected time for reopening of the facility is the first half of October, with a goal of reopening as early in October as possible. The first few days of operation will entail a “soft start” while ECUA clears out some of the stockpiled recyclables on the tipping floor and ensures the lines are all working well. ECUA looks forward to announcing a firm start-up date very soon.

Update from the City of Pensacola: The City of Pensacola Sanitation Services Department uses ECUA’s recycling facility to process recyclable materials from City Sanitation customers. Due to damage from a fire at the facility in July, recycling for City of Pensacola Sanitation customers has been temporarily on hold since ECUA’s facility is not accepting recyclables.

Tan recycling cans for City of Pensacola Sanitation customers are continuing to be collected, but materials will not be recycled until ECUA’s facility reopens. Recycling will resume for City of Pensacola Sanitation customers as soon as ECUA’S facility is able to accept recyclable materials.

The City of Pensacola thanks the public for their patience during this time. Please stay tuned to the City of Pensacola’s website and Facebook page for updates.

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