An applicant participating in the Combo Drill, via Escambia County

ECFR Volunteer firefighters pass the physical ability test

-via Escambia County

On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, seven Escambia County Fire Rescue volunteer firefighters passed the Physical Ability Test, taking one step closer to becoming career firefighters.

In order to pass the Physical Ability Test, you must complete a series of exercises under a specific time limit. The exercises include:

  • Hose Pull (23 seconds or less)
  • Kaiser Sled (47 seconds or less)
  • Combo Drill (5 minutes and 40 seconds or less)

Each applicant was able to pass each exercise and take another step in the process to become trainee firefighters for Escambia County Fire Rescue.

“What a great accomplishment on a day that means so much to the fire service,” said Escambia County Fire Rescue Assistant Volunteer Fire Chief Michael Aaron. “What an honor and privilege for these men and women to keep the fire service traditions and spirits alive and well.”

The following applicants passed the Physical Abilities Test:

  • Cheyann Smith
  • Jeffrey Carden
  • Jacob Verda
  • John Kurack
  • Robinson Guarderas
  • Jessica Roman
  • Michael Rosa
Applicants pose for a group picture after the Physical Ability Test.


Applicant must carry the 180 lb dummy as part of the Combo Drill.


Applicant exhausted, but excited after completing and passing the PAT.