Escambia County School District revises start and end times for 2021-2022 school year

The Escambia County School District has made some adjustments to school start and end times. The reason for these adjustments is to combat a current bus driver shortage.  In heavily populated areas, the number of routes for a bus driver may be increased.  The largest adjustment times are approximately 35 minutes, with other schools having smaller adjustments of 15 minutes or less.  School principals have sent a School Messenger call out to families to provide information about bus routes and school day starting and ending times.

The school district will continue to advertise for bus drivers and will continue to provide free training for a CDL bus driver license to new bus drivers.  Anyone interested in becoming a school bus driver, also called a school bus operator, should go to our Transportation website  or contact the ECSD Transportation Department directly.

Visit ECSD’s web page at for more information