Parent University seeks to encourage and teach parents in Pensacola

Working on your parenting skills is a lifelong pursuit, it’s the best gift you can give to your children. Aside from setting a good example, you can also equip your children with life-skills that will help them get through life’s tough times. However, are you still looking for ways to assist you on your journey? You might like to take advantage of Parent University. The program is designed to help parents unleash their inner potential as mentors and role models for their own kids.

Parent University in Pensacola: Building Stronger Families

Parent University is a community-based, non-profit organization aimed at guiding and nurturing parents and kids toward family success. The services and programs are meant to create a strong bridge between schools and communities, especially in facilitating student learning.

Michael O’Neal, executive director of Parent University, said that they group’s goal is to help parents who seek to gain confidence. He believes that parents should view themselves are the CEOs of their family….and that parents must be the primary motivator and serve as encouragement for the things that take place in the household.

Join Parent Univerity’s event on Saturday June 12  at 10:30 AM for FREE!

Initially founded in Savannah, Georgia, Parent University  is currently working on expanding the organization to help more parents. And this Saturday, June 12, 2021, the organization will host an event parents can join for FREE! These are some of the perks and information you can expect to gain from the event:

  • Parenting classes (e.g., childcare, child development benchmarks)
  • Life skills training (e.g., financial literacy, nutrition, finding a job, saving for a house)
  • Mental health assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Breakfast and lunch

With this free event, Parent University aims to introduce the organization and its services more in-depth. Those committed to join the rest of the program will have a graduation ceremony and certificate after a set number of credit hours are completed. Welcome gifts also await new attendees.

Interested in joining? Visit the Parent University website and register for the event. Feel free to browse the website, especially the programs page, for more info. You may also drop a message on their Facebook Page.