Marine Corps, Navy pelicans restored by City staff

City of Pensacola Public Works and Facilities staff recently rebuilt the bases for the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy pelicans located at the intersection of Palafox and Garden streets in downtown Pensacola, allowing the recently refurbished pelicans to be re-mounted and restored for the community to enjoy.

The restorations were completed by representatives from the Marine Corps and Navy, and City of Pensacola crews built both bases, which included pouring concrete and assembling the timber posts for the bases. City crews worked quickly to have the bases ready in time for a Memorial Day tribute to Gold Star Marines and their families.

The City of Pensacola would like to recognize the following city employees for their work on this project:

  • Brandon Burgans
  • Darrick George
  • Antonio Ikner
  • Eric Jacobs
  • Ryan Metcalf
  • Marzett Simpkins
  • Gregory Warren