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Adonna’s Garden Street Cafe offers casual charm with comforting selections

Adonna’s, aptly named for it’s owner, has been open for over 14 years in Pensacola and over 3 years at it’s new location on Garden Street specifically.

When my partner and I arrived to the adorable estabilshment, we were greeted by Michael Buble’s “La Vie En Rose” playing on the radio. The place was reminiscent of a small, french cafe- or as close as one could get to such in Pensacola. We  proceeded to the counter to ask about seating and were warmly told that we could seat ourselves. On this occasion my partner was interested in breakfast and I was looking for an option more suited for lunch. The cozy little spot reminded me of a more casual Dharma Blue, mixed with a coffee house in terms of personality.

Luckily, we made it just in time before the Sunday lunch rush. We thankfully on had to wait on our food for only about 10 minutes. The waitress, Melissa, was wonderful. She was knowledgeable about the menu and gave recommendations that we would later appreciate. Melissa was also informative about the business’s history when prompted.

The menu was found to be quite affordable. Most items ranged from $6-10 with one outlier. The one thing on the menu that I hope to come back for is the “Magnolia Tea for One” that features assorted tea sandwiches, a macaron, the pastry of the day, and a pot of tea.

On this visit I took the first recommendation that was given to me. I tried the Blueberry & Lavender Iced Green Tea. The tea was refreshing and sweet. The floral lavender is pleasantly strong and seems to be the source of sweetness in the drink. It comes with a bulky spoon that does not do much for the presentation; however, I came to favor the spoon when I ordered the drink for a second time. Be sure to stir the drink in order to fully appreciate it. This was my favorite item in our meal.

Blueberry & Lavender Iced Green Tea

For my entree I chose the Greek Goddess from the sandwich selection. The delicious concoction contained spinach, cucumber, red onion, tomato, hummus, and feta cheese on wheat bread or croissant bun. I didn’t personally decide between the wheat slice or the croissant bun. I happen to prefer the texture of croissants before noon and was blessed with that decision being made for me. The sandwich was tangy and rich with a bit of a salty flavor from the feta. It fondly reminded me of the mediteranian veggie from Panera Bread.

Greek Goddess

For my side, I asked what the most popular is and I was told the brussel sports were preferred by their regular clientele. Unfortunately, they were out of sprouts late morning. The proclaimed second favorite was the mac & cheese. As soon as I saw the mac & cheese I knew that I should have followed my gut instinct to just order a normal house salad. The side dish was not exactly pretty. I don’t think my daughter would have minded the thick layer of cheddar on top of the dish, however, I wasn’t really impressed with it. The mac & cheese was creamy and sharp. It was the only thing we ordered that we didn’t finish.

Mac & Cheese

My partner ordered a flight of mimosas, at the suggestion of Melissa. She allowed Melissa to suggest mimosas flavors for her to try. The flight contained four different flavors: Capri Sun, Blackberry Mint, Sunday Best, and London Fog. All of the mimosas were delicious, fruity and had herbs fresh from their own garden included. The Capri Sun was her favorite- tasting exactly like an “adult” capri sun, with the London Fog coming in second. The flight was only around $15, and the cafe offers bottomless mimosas where you can change out flavors for only $18 as well.

Flight of mimosas!


As an entree, she opted for a visually appealing pancake board. The board was adorned with miniature fluffy pancakes, fresh blueberries and strawberries, chocolate chips, and topped with butter and syrup. It was basically a charcuterie board for pancakes! It also came with a side of crispy, hot bacon. This dish was an absolute winner and perfect for brunch.

Pancake Board

Adonna’s Garden Street Cafe is located conveniently at 811 W. Garden St. near the heart of downtown Pensacola, Fl. The quaint restaurant offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch between the hours of 9-3 from Monday to Sunday. Call ahead to make reservations, or drop in to check them out!