Sgt. Chuck Rhein, Dan Strunko, Tina Cohorn, and Sheriff Bob Johnson- image special to The Pulse

Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office honors military with new patrol vehicle

The Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office has added a sleek new addition to it’s fleet of patrol vehicles, just in time for Memorial Day.

The new military appreciation patrol car is SRSO’s first military-themed vehicle, wrapped in camouflage lettering and decorated with flags and insignia. Sheriff Bob Johnson says it is meant to honor and support our strong military community, including those who are stationed here locally on active duty, as well as our veterans and our fallen.

The car is wrapped with military-green camouflage-style graphics and lettering for the word “Sheriff,” and contains the slogan “We Salute Our Military, ” as well as a camouflage flag. The vehicle also is decorated with logos from all five branches of the military.

The car will be driven by Sgt. Charles “Chuck” Rhein, who served over twenty years in the United States Air Force, retiring as a Master Sergeant. Seargant Rhein served as security police/security forces during his time in the military, and upon retirement, decided to continue a career of public service with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, where he has been employed since 2001.

Sheriff Bob Johnson with Sgt. Chuck Rhein

Out of a lottery of approximately 25 deputy applicants- all of whom had previous military service- Sgt. Rhein was selected at random to drive the military appreciation patrol vehicle.

The car is equipped to be a fully functioning police vehicle, but has a few additional amenities- such as being equipped with a loudspeaker that allows it to play the “Star-Spangled Banner” for the public.

The vehicle was already owned by the Sheriff’s Office and operational as a standard patrol car, and the additional cost to customize was paid in part via a private $750 donation from local Army veteran and law enforcement supporter, Dan Strunko.

The vehicle’s graphics and decals were custom designed and then wrapped by Tina Cohorn from Turn One Graphics, a local graphic designer located in Milton on Stewart Street. Turn One has been providing graphics services for over 17 years, and currently wraps all of the SRSO’s vehicles. Ms. Cohorn donated the cost of the decals in-kind, thus covering additional portion of the car’s customization costs.


SRSO’s newest Dodge Charger is wrapped with graphics that honor service members of the U.S. Military