New Lights at Legion Field
Images provided by the City of Pensacola

Fully Solar, Smart Lighting Fixtures Installed at Legion Field

Infrastructure and public safety advocates were pleased to see the installation of new lighting fixtures at one of Pensacola’s most popular parks. Thirty-four new smart lighting improvements have been placed at Pensacola’s Legion Field, located off W. Gregory Street. These fully solar light fixtures feature smart technology for maximum efficiency and require no power hookup or light bulb maintenance, allowing them to operate for three days without any new sunlight recharging the solar panels.

Through built-in smart technology, the lights have the ability to react to park usage, automatically boosting to a 100% brightness setting when joggers or walkers approach. For added efficiency, the lights will work at 70% brightness during those off-hours when not in high demand. This light system was programmed with safety measures in mind, fully illuminating the walking path as well as the new playground and splash pad features of the park.

“We’re excited to bring this technology to Legion Field to increase the hours the walking path is available and to improve the overall walkability of the neighborhood,” City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Director Brian Cooper said.

The lighting project was made possible by a partnership between the City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department and SESCO Lighting of Pensacola.  J. Miller Construction was used as the contractor for the project.