Sunday’s Child, a non-profit focused on promoting acceptance and contributions of the LGBTQ community, announced Friday at their annual membership kickoff that $106,000 in grants is available to four eligible non-profits in the Pensacola Bay Area in 2019.

The record fundraising amount was raised by 186 members that contributed to and joined Sunday’s Child in 2018. After a thorough grant application process this spring, the grant dollars will be awarded to four local Pensacola Bay Area non-profit organizations that demonstrate their value on diversity, inclusion, and equality.

“In just five short years, we’ve raised nearly half a million dollars for causes that celebrate and promote the diversity of the Pensacola Bay Area,” said Drew Buchanan, president of Sunday’s Child. “100 percent of the dollars that we raise goes directly to organizations that invest in the inclusivity and diversity of our region and I couldn’t be more proud of our community for their generosity.”

Four competitive grants of $26,500 each will be awarded to support Sunday’s Child’s five impact areas: Animals, Environment, and Recreation; Health and Wellness; Arts, Culture, and Education; LGBT, Diversity and Inclusion; and Human Services, Community and Economic Development. Charities who wish to apply must submit a letter of intent by February 15.

De Palazzo of Equality Florida speaks at the Voices of Pensacola museum in downtown Pensacola on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019.

Since 2014, more than $436,000 has been awarded to not-for-profits located in the Pensacola Bay Area. Grant awards range from $25,000 to $50,000 and are funded entirely by membership dollars. Sunday’s Child offers individual $1,000 memberships as well as the opportunity for two or three individuals to join together with $500 or $333 membership levels each, entitling them collectively to one vote. Members will cast their votes on grant finalists to determine awardees at the annual meeting in June.

The guest speaker at the kickoff was De Palazzo, Safe Schools Director at Equality Florida. Palazzo spoke on the importance of providing LGBTQ education and training for education professionals working in the public school system.

To learn more about Sunday’s Child, to join or make a donation, or to apply for a grant, visit

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