This is probably a good time to use the old saying never say never, but more than likely my days of becoming an elected official are over. Jared Moore defeated me for the Pensacola City Council district 4 seat that includes Cordova Park, East Pensacola Heights, and a portion of East Hill.

The seat has been held by Pensacola businessman Larry Johnson for the past decade after first being elected in 2008. Johnson was the second-longest-serving member on the current council, after P.C. Wu.

It started as a three-person race that included Jared Moore, Peter Gaddy, and myself. Honestly, this race had three candidates who all would have done great things for the City of Pensacola. Moore and I advanced to a runoff following the August primary election.

The 13 months I spent as a candidate was the biggest learning experience of my lifetime and something that I will always treasure. I learned the good, the bad, and the ugly of what’s happening in Pensacola, both in the public eye and behind closed doors.

I met tons of great people along the way and made relationships that will last the rest of my life. I owe a lot of people a big thanks, but no one more than my wife and son who put up with me during this enduring campaign. My 5-year-old son now understands city districts and looks at Grover as something like a super hero, he was so disappointed on our trip to school today when he didn’t get to see Grover on the corner waving.

I ran because I wanted to bring the citizens voice to City Hall, increase transparency, and hold elected officials in this town accountable. It’s clear that Pensacola is on a great track and I believe with Grover taking the controls it will continue over the next four years.

When my good friend Joe Z called and ask me if I was interested in becoming a partner in The Pulse it was a no brainer, but I knew I couldn’t do anything until my campaign was over. This was clearly another way for me force accountability in our local government. So, if you’ve been wondering why The Pulse has been on somewhat of a hiatus, there you go!

Love him or hate him, Derek Cosson is arguably the best writer in this town and the knowledge that Drew Buchanan has about both the past and current affairs in Pensacola is very impressive. These guys did a tremendous job getting The Pulse to where it is today.

Joe and I have to sit down and figure out exactly where The Pulse goes from here, but I definitely look forward to the opportunity to use this platform to inform the people of Pensacola. I can assure you we will make it a valuable part of our community and we will have a laser focus on holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

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