TWW Has Two of Pensacola’s Three “Super Lawyers” in Insurance Coverage

We have DeLuna’s legend. We have one of the “Great Streets in America,” Palafox. We even have the spectacular Blue Angels. But, you may not know we also have some of the best, super actually, attorneys in all of Florida, too. “Super Lawyer” is a designation given through peer nomination and evaluation and is awarded to only 5% of all attorneys in Florida. Of the fifty-seven Florida attorneys designated this year as Super Lawyers in Insurance Coverage, Pensacola can boast three. Of these, local law firm Taylor, Warren & Weidner has two.

Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor began practicing in Pensacola in 1993 and honed her skills representing professionals who have suffered a long-term disability when their claim for disability benefits is wrongfully denied by their insurance company.

“Professionals with high earning potential buy long-term disability insurance for this very reason,” Stephanie explained. “If a surgeon is injured in a way that prevents her from performing surgeries and earning the income she needs to continue supporting her family, she deserves her disability benefits. Sadly a large number of claims, even legitimate claims, are initially denied. But, if you bring an attorney in to help with your disability claim, most denials are successfully appealed and you then get the income you and your family need.”

Stephanie has been recognized for her work helping professionals with their long-term disability claims by being selected as a Super Lawyer in Insurance Coverage in 2018. Super Lawyers are nominated by their peers and then selected based on their achievements, verdicts, and reputation. Only 5% of the attorneys in Florida are designated as Super Lawyers. Stephanie Taylor has been designated seven years in a row as a Super Lawyer in Insurance Coverage. She is one among fifty-seven Super Insurance Coverage Lawyers in the State of Florida.

Keith Weidner

Keith Weidner served in the United States Marine Corps before he began practicing law in Pensacola in 2003. He represents people who have been severely injured through the fault of others. Keith has been recognized for handling claims against insurance companies who wrongfully deny legitimate claims. These claims typically involve life insurance, long term disability insurance, or property damage to homes or business.

“Too many people learn the hard way that insurance companies work much harder to find ways to deny a claim than they do to help their insureds during vulnerable times.” Keith explained. “Our clients are often displaced from their home, trying to hold everything together, while the insurance company continues to delay and demand unnecessary information like tax returns, bank records, and sworn statements. It is disheartening and infuriating to see people whose

lives are placed on hold so the insurance company can find a loophole in the policy to avoid having to pay. We see this happening to policy holders all the time. When we take a case, we make the insurance company pay what is fair and owed under the policy and will take an insurance company to trial to answer for conduct if that’s what is necessary.”

Keith Weidner was also recognized, for the fifth year in a row, as a Super Lawyer. In 2018 he was designated as a Super Lawyer in Insurance Coverage for his work representing accident victims and home and business owners against insurance companies when they wrongfully deny claims.

Of the fifty-seven Super Insurance Coverage Lawyers in Florida, Pensacola has three. Of those three in Pensacola, Taylor, Warren & Weidner has two. “We’re proud of the work that we do at the firm,” Stephanie said, “and when we are able to obtain justice for a client and make an insurance company pay what is fair, it feels … well, super.”

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