New Pulse ownership keeps focus on Pensacola’s most important issues

Change is inherent, unavoidable, and a constant. It can be good — if not great — when done well. Change done well can spur growth: social, political, and economic growth can be limitless if implemented in the right manner, at the right time, and with the right firmness and balance.

That’s the kind of changes you will see here at The Pulse — positive, productive, meaningful change that shapes a brighter future for Pensacola.

The big change is the departure of co-founder and former Publisher Drew Buchanan as he makes his bid to be Mayor of Pensacola.

His departure brought an opportunity for new ownership to step in and continue what he and Managing Editor Derek Cosson worked to build. Cosson will stay on board and remain a part of The Pulse moving forward as we strive to reach new heights.

What about the coverage? Will that change?

Yes and no.

The Pulse will cover topics that are important to Pensacola, the larger Pensacola area and its residents. We will focus on the politics of the area — a very important topic with election campaigns across nearly all possible platforms ongoing. We will look at the economic future of the area, where is it heading, what can it be and who will be the driver steering the growth. We will look at social issues that shape the daily conversations of our readers as well.

Through basic, factual reporting on issues and topics that matter most to our area, we want to bring the conversation to the people and let them be better informed and better equipped to be a catalyst and become part of the change as they see it happening.

We will not engage in he-said, she-said wars or personal squabbles between the powers that be. We won’t be wrapped up with daily breaking news, galleries of underage tourists gone wrong or the weekend’s best beach party.

We’re a news website with a small but determined staff. By eliminating some of the traditional materials that can bog down the best of journalists, we plan to bring you the news and information that matters most.

We look forward to serving you and showing the change all around. Let us know how we’re doing at or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.