Dozens of commonly-prescribed generic medications are now cheaper at Publix pharmacies under a new prescription drug plan the company announced Tuesday.

Up to a 90-day supply of some 29 different medications will be available at Publix pharmacies for just $7.50, the company said.

“Our founder, George Jenkins, taught us to take care of people and our communities, and making needed medications more affordable provides us this opportunity,” said Maria Brous, Publix’s director of media and community relations. “Healthcare costs continue to rise, so sometimes people have a hard time filling their prescriptions as regularly as they should. We believe this low price will help encourage customers to follow their doctor’s orders, so they can experience better health outcomes.”

The price for drugs covered under the program will be the same regardless of patient insurance coverage. Publix believes that by providing price transparency on medications, patients can anticipate out-of-pocket costs, making them more inclined to take their medications as prescribed, officials said. A lack of adherence to prescription medication therapy often results in worsening conditions and potential hospital readmissions.

A full list of the drugs covered under the new program is available at


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