The Pensacola City Council chose new officers Tuesday morning, with Councilman Gerald Wingate elected as the council president and Councilwoman Sherri Myers as its vice president.

Both Wingate and Myers will serve in the positions until next November.

Under Pensacola’s 2010 city charter, council members meet on the fourth Tuesday of each November to elect a council president and vice president. The council president chairs city council meetings, oversees the city council’s staff, and is the person who would step in as acting mayor should the office of the mayor become vacant for any reason. The council’s vice president performs those duties in the president’s absence.

Wingate edged out Councilman Andy Terhaar for the council presidency after Myers withdrew her name from contention. Myers’ nomination by Councilman Larry B. Johnson made headlines after Myers accused Johnson of sexism for the comments he used on the nominating form, which criticized Myers’ behavior at council meetings.

“Councilwoman Myers has consistently dominated council meetings by speaking as frequently and as long as possible, often in violation of the council’s rules,” Johnson wrote. “Monopolizing our discussions in this way has made Councilwoman Myers the unofficial leader of this council, so I think we should just go ahead and make it official.”

Without competition, though, Myers was elected by acclamation as the council’s vice president.

Wingate has served on the city council since 2012 and was reelected without opposition in 2016. He had served for the past year as the council’s vice president.


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