Beginning Monday, frequent beachgoers can save a few dollars as the cost of an annual Pensacola Beach toll pass drops by more than half, from $50 to just $20.

Escambia County commissioners approved the change in March. The annual pass allows a vehicle to make unlimited trips over the Bob Sikes Bridge, which normally carries a $1 cash toll.

It’s a two-step process to get the pass. First, since the annual pass is integrated with Sunpass, the statewide electronic tolling system, you’ll need a $5 Sunpass transponder, which can be purchased online at or at retail outlets including Publix, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreens. A full list of retailers is available on the Sunpass website.

Once you’ve got a transponder, you can enroll in the Pensacola Beach Annual Pass program online or in person at the Santa Rosa Island Authority’s office, located at 1 Via de Luna on Pensacola Beach.

For more information on the Pensacola Beach Annual Pass program, visit


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