The lifeguards are back at Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Beach Lifeguards return to their towers Wednesday, March 1 for the 2017 lifeguard season. Initially, one to three towers at Casino Beach will be manned from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. As summer approaches, staffing will increase to provide coverage at up to 10 towers, including the towers at Gulf Islands National Seashore, which are staffed starting Memorial Day weekend.

Pensacola Beach Lifeguards have maintained a presence on Casino Beach throughout the winter since the 2016 season ended Oct. 16, primarily through patrol vehicles.

Residents and visitors are urged to exercise caution when visiting the beach and swimming in the Gulf, especially when lifeguards are not present.

Follow the posted beach condition flag warnings:

  • Green Flag – Means low hazard, but you should still exercise caution.
  • Yellow flag – Indicates moderate surf and conditions such as rip currents. Swimmers should exercise careful caution when entering the water.
  • Red flag – Strong currents and high surf, no swimming or wading. Entering the Gulf of Mexico to swim or wade during red flag conditions is illegal in Escambia County.
  • Double red flags – Only used during hurricanes and other natural disasters. No swimming, wading or surfing in the Gulf of Mexico. Entering the Gulf of Mexico during double red flag conditions is illegal in Escambia County.
  • Purple flag – Indicates dangerous marine wildlife may be present. Please use caution when entering the water.

Beach conditions can be checked on the Pensacola Beach Lifeguards page on and on the Pensacola Beach Lifeguards Facebook page.


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