The National Flight Academy, located aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, will host several three-day Cruise programs during the spring break season.

The camp programs take place aboard Ambition, a four-story simulated aircraft carrier. Students will apply science and math skills while planning missions; utilize large Newline interactive displays powered by Google Earth technology; learn to fly in the X-12B Triad experimental aircraft; and eat in Ambition‘s mess deck and sleep in staterooms.

The National Flight Academy’s program focus on subject matter areas such as aerodynamics, meteorology and physics. Open to fifth-12th grade students, the three-day overnight program blends the culture and excitement of aviation and emphasizes workforce skills such as leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and effective communication.

Three-day Cruise programs are open for the following dates:

  • Sunday, March 19 – Tuesday, March 21. Registration closes February 19.
  • Sunday, April 9 – Tuesday, April 11. Registration closes March 12.
  • Sunday, April 16 – Tuesday, April 18. Registration closes March 19.

Registration for the National Flight Academy’s 3-day Cruise programs are now open for fifth-12th grade students. The cost for the three-day Cruise programs is $399 per student and $350 per student with groups of 12 or more. For registration information and a complete breakdown of 2017 National Flight Academy programs, please contact the registration coordinator at (850) 308-8948 or visit


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