During heavy rains on Tuesday, an estimated 1,000 gallons of sewage was spilled in downtown Milton onto the city’s Riverwalk park and into the Blackwater River, city officials announced today.

The spill originated from a manhole behind a historic building at 5242 Willing Street near the Riverwalk. City officials said they have attempted to contact all appropriate entities in response to clean up of the spill.

“The discharge has ceased and by-pass pumping was not used,” the city said in a statement. “The spillage was from a manhole, caused by so much torrential down pouring of rain, the treatment plant could not keep up with the excessive flow of water.”

The untreated sewage entered the Blackwater River just north of the Highway 87 bridge. The city’s water and sewer department disinfected the area of the spill by applying chlorine bleach and Ban-O.

Officials said water samples will be collected today and the results will be released upon completion of testing.


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