Ever’man Cooperative Grocery and Cafe announced Tuesday that it will build a second grocery store, cafe, and educational center in Pensacola’s Nine Mile Road area.

The second location will be built on property recently acquired by the co-op’s board of directors at 1000 East Nine Mile Road, roughly halfway between Highway 29 and the University of West Florida.

“Our members have been asking for another location on the north side of town for a number of years,” said Board President Dave DeBlander. “We believe in the power of community, the collective energy of individuals coming together to be more environmentally conscious and to live healthier lives. Ever’man is proud to be an honorable cooperative citizen and strong community partner.”

Ever’man began as a buying club in 1973 and evolved over the years into a full-service grocery in Downtown Pensacola. The co-op moved into its current building at 315 West Garden Street in 1999, and underwent and extensive expansion and renovation in 2013.

“Everyone at Ever’man is excited to expand our cooperative and our mission into a part of our community that is experiencing amazing growth,” said General Manager William Rolfs. “We are excited and committed to become a closer part of that community, not only as a trusted source for organic, sustainable foods at a reasonable price, but also as a gathering place for people who want to share ideas and experience healthy living in fun, engaging ways.”


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