Pensacola mayor Ashton Hayward has called for a joint meeting between the city council and Escambia County Board of County Commissioners.

Hayward forwarded a recommendation to council members today asking them to schedule the joint meeting. The request will be presented as an add-on item to the City Council’s meeting agenda for September 15, 2016.

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward. (Derek Cosson/The Pulse)

City of Pensacola mayor Ashton Hayward (Drew Buchanan/The Pulse)

In addition to a construction update on the $37 million VT MAE hangar at Pensacola International Airport, Hayward recommended to council that two other items be included on the agenda:

A discussion of the County’s plans for selecting projects to be funded with the County’s allocation of RESTORE money.

A discussion of how to work together to ensure that the $1.5 billion appropriated to Triumph Gulf Coast, Inc. under the terms of the BP Oil Spill Settlement Agreement is distributed to the eight disproportionately affected counties.

“There are several important issues that impact both the City and the County”, said Hayward. “It’s in our mutual best interest that we get together to discuss how we can cooperate in order to get results that provide the maximum benefit for all of our citizens.”

Additionally, Hayward is calling a special meeting of the City Council on September 22 to conclude the administrative elements that are necessary to begin construction on the VT MAE project.

“The final grant from the Florida Department of Transportation was signed today,” the city said today in a release. “This leaves a few project administrative elements that must be approved by City Council.”

According to city officials, those elements include:

  1. The lease agreement with VT MAE has to be amended to conform the lease to the project.
  2. The guaranteed maximum price has to be included in the construction managers contract.
“Finalization of this project is a team effort in which we need to work together to cross the goal line,” said Hayward. A date for the construction groundbreaking will be set after City Council has acted on the items.

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