In the wake of the announcement that downtown Pensacola’s Gallery Night events would come to an end in their current form, a new organization has been created to take control of the popular event that draws thousands to downtown Pensacola every month.

Gallery Night Pensacola, Inc. registered this week as a non-profit organization and announced their vision.

“Our Vision is for a clean and engaging cultural event that ‘Takes the Arts to the Streets’ and invites visitors to engage and connect with the unique and outstanding Culture of Pensacola,” the group said in a statement.


Downtown Pensacola (Drew Buchanan/The Pulse)

“Through this Non-profit organization, not only will local businesses have the opportunity to submit proposals to bring their talents to the street, area arts organizations will host public performances and demonstrations and other community not-for-profits will shine as they assist in adding to that vision,” the group said.

With a renewed focus on the arts, the group said the new focus of Gallery Night will be on promoting individual artists the cultural diversity of Pensacola.

“We want to challenge the art community to go further, be more creative and engaging,” said Krist Lien, Chair of First City Arts Center and Department Head of Visual Arts at Pensacola State College.

Gallery Night will be accepting proposals for creative ways to enliven the streets and will award portions of the designated special events area based on how the proposals align with the stated vision. Businesses that choose to officially participate in Gallery Night will have priority to enliven the street through demonstrations, performances and interactive opportunities that will lend to the experience, according to the group.

Secondary opportunities for proposals to enrich the street and public areas are available for entities wishing to participate but do not trade in the Special Event Area. Finally, space within the special events area will be awarded to outside, for-profit businesses.

A public area dedicated to children and families is also planned as part of the new Gallery Night events.

“Creating a culturally rich area dedicated to children and family is a worthy cause and one that, as a community, we will achieve,” said Raven Holloway, Director of the Pensacola Museum of Art.

Details for applications, proposals, registration, fees, and terms will be announced soon, the group said.

The first Gallery Night is scheduled for Friday, October 21st, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., with what’s being dubbed the “after pARTy” immediately following with specified streets remaining closed to vehicular traffic through midnight.



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