In an effort to honor the 49 victims of the mass shooting in Orlando last month, one Pensacola Bay area nonprofit is seeking to recognize stories of diversity in the local community.

Sunday’s Child announced this week the launching of 49, a campaign in honor of the 49 victims of the Orlando LGBTQ nightclub massacre. According to the group, 49 is a series of authentic and candid portraits of individuals in Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties that showcase our diversity.

“With the 49 campaign, we are seeking to increase the awareness of prejudice and hope the stories of our neighbors teach us more about the strength in the diversity,” the group said in a statement.

Sunday’s Child said the campaign will include local individuals with a varied compilation of race, sexuality, disability, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic standing, interests and other attributes.

“Our diverse community brings to the table a rich array of life experiences and viewpoints that lead to a healthier quality of living” said Chuck Presti, President and founder of Sunday’s Child. “Our goal is to appreciate our differences as well as what connects us.”

Those interested in sharing their story and participating in the campaign can submit online.


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