A 2.9 million square foot, 400-acre regional distribution center for the country’s largest retailer is proposed to be built on the Gulf Coast.

Walmart is expected to construct the facility in Mobile as part of its network of “super distribution centers.” The purpose of the center, according to Walmart, would be to receive shipments of merchandise from Asia through the Port of Mobile and redistribute the products to Walmart stores across the country.

If built, Walmart is expected to employ more than 550, along with additional seasonal jobs. The reported average annual salary would be $36,000.

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Inventory is sorted in a Walmart distribution center. (Walmart/Special to The Pulse)

According to county and city records, Walmart would receive millions in public incentives to build the facility. The company would receive $2.3 million in public tax incentives from both Mobile County and the City of Mobile, along with $7 million in incentives from the state of Alabama.

Under the deal, the county would spend $2.3 million for capital expenditures, site acquisition, development, and other costs. The city of Mobile is proposing to spend up to $2.3 million on the project and together, the city and county would spend nearly $750,000 to purchase land for the facility at the intersection of Interstate 10 and McDonald Road west of the City of Mobile.

In a statement to The Pulse, Walmart officials said the proposed facility is in its initial stages and they hope to make an official announcement later this year.

“We are in the beginning stages of assessing the prospect of building the facility, but have made no decisions in terms of any potential investment,” said company officials. “We’ll continue to work with Mobile County, the City of Mobile and the State of Alabama closely through the process and we thank them for their feedback so far. We hope to have more to share later this year about the quality jobs and economic growth this project would create for Mobile and the surrounding area.”


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