Naval Air Station Pensacola recently celebrated a milestone of more than 365 days free of alcohol related incidents in a cake-cutting ceremony on April 14.

Commanding officer Captain Christopher Martin congratulated his sailors on looking out for each other and doing the right thing.

“It’s about being responsible, you all are setting the example on base and you have set the bar high,” said Martin. “If you can set a milestone like this, you can do it for anything.”

Coincidently, April is Alcohol Awareness Month sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Since 1987, NCADD has partnered with communities to teach people about alcohol, alcoholism and recovery.

Programs from Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention help sailors be responsible with alcohol and assist some with alcoholism and recovery, officials said. Programs like “Keep What You’ve Earned” and “Who Will Stand Your Watch,” encourage responsible drinking among sailors by celebrating the achievements in their Navy careers and educate sailors about the consequences of poor decisions regarding alcohol.


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