The Gulf Shores, Ala. police department has issued a stern warning to would-be lawbreakers ahead of spring break crowds expected this month.

In a news release, police chief Edward Delmore wrote that the Gulf Shores Police Department is “serious about quality of life issues.”

“This city is not more concerned with your spending than your safety or the quality of life for residents and law abiding visitors alike,” Delmore wrote. “GSPD remains willing to prove it to potential law breakers.”

Delmore encouraged spring breakers to observe local ordinances and state statutes or face arrest or citation:

If your top priorities when visiting the beach are being drunk and disorderly; breaking what you consider to be small rules like underage drinking, littering & leaving glass on the beach; urinating in public, using drugs, or engaging in violent or indecent behavior, Gulf Shores is definitely not the place for you.Gulf Shores Police Chief Edward Delmore

During Spring Break, the Gulf Shores Police Department and the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department will employ increased patrols and “proactive enforcement,” the release said.


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