Last Thursday’s Pensacola City Council meeting was epic in every sense of the word: epically mismanaged, epically silly at times, and above all, epically and unnecessarily long.

Clocking in at more than seven hours, it’s the longest council meeting we can remember, and a sure contender for the all-time longest meeting ever if not the outright winner.

Here are five things that don’t take as long as last week’s council meeting did:

1. A cross-country flight from New York to Los Angeles.

That’s right — you can fly clear across the country in about six hours, or about an hour less than the Pensacola city council spent last week discussing a litany of issues that impact few people’s lives directly.

2. An entire day of school.

The average length of a school day in Florida is 6.43 hours. Entire schools could make it through math, science, social studies and more in the time that council president Charles Bare and the rest of the council spent at City Hall last Thursday.

3. Building a playground.

KaBOOM!, a national non-profit, has worked with volunteers to build playground in six hours or less in communities across the country, including Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, and Grand Rapids, Mich. Check out this cool time-lapse video of people actually accomplishing something instead of arguing dysfunctionally for seven hours:

4. Watching the entire Star Wars original trilogy.

In the time it took Pensacola’s city council to get through its agenda last week, you could have watched all three movies in the original Star Wars trilogy. A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi clock in at a total runtime of 379 minutes, or just over six hours.

5. An entire winter day in Anchorage, Ala.

Due to its proximity to the North Pole, Alaska is known for its long days in the summer and short ones in the winter. Through much of December and January in Anchorage, the state’s largest city, there’s only between five and seven hours of daylight. The sun literally rises and sets in less time than our eight council members need to handle their business.


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