Earlier today, the Greater Pensacola Chamber announced its endorsement of three projects for the Resources, Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities and Revived Economies (RESTORE) process.

“Our policy committee and board of directors vetted the projects submitted by the community and determined that these three proposals will have the greatest impact on job creation and workforce development for Escambia County,” stated Greater Pensacola Chamber Chairman Gary Bembry. “We ask our county commission to fund these projects to create jobs, diversify our local economy and help train our workforce.”

The following projects are currently being ranked by the RESTORE Advisory Committee and will eventually be considered for funding by the Escambia County Commission:

Port of Pensacola Berth 6 (Project 50)

Berth 6 is one of only five deep water berths at the port. Closure of Berth 6 has reduced operational capability of the port by 20 percent, reducing productivity and the ability to accommodate multiple vessel calls. This infrastructure project will restore Port Pensacola to fully operational status, directly benefiting the economy and workforce of the City of Pensacola, Escambia County, and the entire Gulf Region.

OLF-8 Commerce Park (Project 26)

The OLF-8 project provides an opportunity to improve our local military aviation training assets with a new, state-of-the-art Navy and Marine Corps rotary-wing training advantage that will help protect our military commands from additional rounds of BRAC. Converting the old OLF-8 training course into a commerce center will allow Escambia County to solicit and secure private sector investment. The Chamber endorsement is for the county commission to fund the OLF-8 Master Plan for $650,000.

Project AIMS (Project 104)

Phase One will expand overall training opportunities for 400 participants seeking to attain economic self-sufficiency. One hundred of these participants will be eligible, low-income individuals from targeted areas who will receive additional supportive services. All participants will receive the education and training necessary to enter and advance in high skill, wage and demand AIMS/STEM professions.


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