The Escambia County School District is building two new schools in the Beulah area, and beginning in March, officials are looking for recommendations on what to name them.

The district is in the process of building a new middle school at 6001 West Nine Mile Road and a new elementary school will at 900 West Kingsfield Road. Both schools will be completed in the spring of 2018.

Members of the community may submit a school name for consideration by the Facility Naming Selection Committee and ultimately by the School Board of Escambia County. Only complete submissions will be considered by the committee and submissions must be submitted by March 31.

Those wishing to submit a recommendation can visit the District’s “Name the School” website at This page contains links to maps to see where the schools will be built, instructions for submitting your ideas, and links to forms.

Submissions can also be made by email or by mail but they must include all information requested by the school district.

The information needed for a submission includes:
1. Your name and contact information (phone number and email address)
2. Your proposed name for the elementary school or the middle school.

If your suggestion involves naming either school for a person, please also provide this additional information:
3. Full name of the individual.
4. Is/was the person a resident of Escambia County?
5. Does/did the individual contribute to programs served by the Escambia County School District?
6. Is/was the individual an employee of the Escambia County School District?
7. Is/was the individual a graduate of an Escambia County school?
8. Number of years of direct service to the school district?
9. Number of years of continued (indirect) service to the School District (supporting documentation may be required)
10. Number of years of continued public service to the community (supporting documentation may be required)
11. Is/was the individual a veteran of military service?

Submissions can be made online at, by email to, or in writing to: Facility Naming Committee, c/o Assistant Superintendent – Operations, School District of Escambia County, 75 N. Pace Blvd., Rm 423, Pensacola, FL 32505.


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