Donald Trump may have been the headliner at his Pensacola rally this week, but the opening act is getting a lot of attention in their own right.

Trump was welcomed to the stage with an unsettling, lip-synched musical tribute from the “USA Freedom Kids” — un upstart girl group comprised of some very patriotic preteen girls. Their “Donald Trump Jam” spread like wildfire across the internet on Thursday, hitting the front pages of Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, among (many others) and racking up millions of views on YouTube and social media.

With lines like “President Donald Trump knows how to make America great / Deal from strength or get crushed every time,” the song — which is actually titled “Freedom’s Call” — quickly drew comparisons to children singing in praise of dictators like Adolf Hitler or Kim Jong-un.

“Hey Trump, you know who else held rallies where kids sang about crushing their enemies?” wrote Nick Wing, senior viral editor for the Huffington Post.

The USA Freedom Kids — who number five, not just the three who appeared at Trump’s rally — hail from Marco Island, Fla., near Naples. A September press release announced their arrival on the global music scene: “Weighing in at a collective 300 pounds and 20 feet tall is Alexis (8), Bianca (10), Izzy (10), Sarah (12) and Victoria (12) who now make up America’s newest pop group, the USA Freedom Kids.”

“The five girls are so dedicated, so intensely patriotic, and so over-the-top talented, which is why the USA Freedom Kids are already on the map,” says Jeff Popick, the founder and manager of the group. “As an entrepreneur, I enjoy providing them an opportunity, and I delight in watching them seize it.”

The USA Freedom Kids train together a minimum of three times per week, the release says, plus additional time working on material at home, recording in studios, and “studying the fine points of showmanship.”

Popick is the man responsible for “Freedom’s Call,” the now-viral Trump tribute.

“Released” in November, Popick said the track had been in the works for nearly a year, and had originally named General George Patton instead of Trump. However, when Popick watched Trump declare his presidential candidacy, he was inspired to “make it more relevant and contemporary.”

In a news release, Popick said that the USA Freedom Kids “love America and thrive on freedom,” but lamented, “Obama has abdicated his first responsibility as commander-in-chief and he’s betrayed sacred friendships with countries such as Israel. Obama’s dysfunctional efforts such as sending fifty commandos to Syria (and then publicly announcing it) are ludicrous and self-sabotaging. Then, Obama cites these failures – he created – as reasons for not doing more. These behaviors have put the freedoms we cherish in grave jeopardy, but freedom is our middle name.”

The USA Freedom Kids in front of what appears to be a pink pickup truck-style limousine. (USA Freedom Kids/Special to the Pulse)

The USA Freedom Kids in front of what appears to be a pink pickup truck-style limousine. (USA Freedom Kids/Special to the Pulse)

So — you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on some USA Freedom Kids music. Well, good news: they’re on CDBaby, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and even Spotify, where you can stream the patriotism nonstop.

Thus far, it looks like “Freedom’s Call” and “National Anthem Part 2” are their only cuts, but don’t worry — the September news release said the girls are “also working on a full-length album consisting of ‘old favorites,’ dance remixes of old favorites and even original songs. The album is expected to be out in early 2016.”


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